Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – Broadcast your Message

Digital marketing concept with megaphone

Tap into the massive Internet economy and claim your due!

I have a feeling you’re just … well … smarter than most people looking to do internet marketing. You’re not interested in “get rich quick” schemes. You’re not looking for a THE silver bullet that involves no work, no time, and no sense. In other words, you are willing to do what is necessary to get an excellent ROI on your marketing investment. And you’d have to be an idiot to believe some of the stuff peddled by so-called Internet marketing “gurus.”

Internet Marketing A: Great Website

  • Start with a great website – use responsive design (look beautiful on cell phones and tablets too).
  • Use Contact Me forms to engage your customers and get notified – add customer details to an email autoresponder program
  • Offer something for free – if nothing else, you build goodwill and get the customers email and permission to be in touch.

Internet Marketing B: EMail

  • Email is awesome – its free
  • Its a great way to keep in touch with your customer base – even if they never read them, just seeing your name repeatedly will imprint your brand for when they need your service or product.

Internet Marketing C: Social – mainly Facebook

  • Facebook has a ton of internet marketing goodies for businesses
  • Social links and networks are the indisputable engine of marketing buzz and growth

Internet Marketing D,E, and F: SEO, PPC, AdRoll

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: there’s lots you can do make sure customers find your website on Google – you CAN rank in the top 3 for select keywords if you differentiate yourself properly.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click – If you want to jumpstart your growth, pay Google per click to get customers to your website – amazingly effective!
  • AdRoll – once customers show an interest in your stuff by visiting or clicking on your site, keep targeting with simple ads so they don’t forget about you.