VPS Hosting – Is it a Good Option?

I recently switched my hosting provider to a new host - one that is radically different in approach, focus and concept from the popular hosting providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost etc. This one happens to be called OVH that I selected based on someone's recommendation. OVH specializes in providing VPS, Cloud and dedicated private servers to savvy webmasters and owners. It all about providing high levels of service and support as well as highly reliable and scalable solutions with no … [Read more...]

Web Copywriting: Create a Buyer Persona

OK, so I need to apply the use it to learn it or lose it principle here. Yesterday's post on the 5P approach while educational for me still left me wondering as to how I could implement it in my own business. Well here goes - I will go step by step to try and write my own 5P web copywriting example to sign more accounts. Start with the Customer OK, so good web copywriting always begins with asking: who are my customers? Local Sacramento businesses Local non-profits Local sports … [Read more...]

Web Marketing that Works – Everytime

Web Marketing that Works - Writing Copy that Sells Anything Here are some amazing lessons I am learning about effective copy writing.  I was rereading an article on Copyblogger.com - an excellent resource that I highly recommend to anyone interested in web marketing that works. Show me what a person admires, and I’ll tell you everything about them that matters. And then you’ll know how to connect with them. You’ll know how to cheer up your new neighbor when you understand what she … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Strategy I Use to Drive Traffic

Summary: Internet Marketing Strategy I wanted to take a moment to outline a recently implemented internet marketing strategy to drive traffic that is paying off in spades for one of my clients. Of course this may not apply to all businesses but the general ideas should apply to all types of enterprises - including non-profits. Well without further ado, here is the internet marketing strategy in summary form - each topic could be a entire book in itself, but wanted to provide the skeleton … [Read more...]

WordPress and Genesis

Wordpress - King of Internet CMS, Genesis  Best Wordpress framework! Wordpress and genesis - a match made in heaven - I love this combo!! Why, you ask? Here are some reasons: 1. It’s well-coded and well-supported. The framework is consistently updated to reflect best practices for coding and is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If I need help or run into problems with Genesis, I have a number of options. I can open a support ticket with StudioPress, start a thread in the … [Read more...]

Open for Business – Sacramento Web Design Services

Well finally I decided to take the plunge. I decided to go freelance. Corporate work is good, its steady money and all, but somehow missing the excitement of being your own shot-caller. Besides, I came to the realization (finally) that what makes me happy - what makes me tick, even - is to delight customers with great design, functional/streamlined code, and cost effective delivery of what they want. I live right here in Fair Oaks, Sacramento and I want to work face-to-face with businesses … [Read more...]